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When it comes to cuisine, no-one does it quite like the Italians. The Italians have always had a firm grip on the world’s culture. Whether it was the Roman Empire, fashion, football or art, Italy is an epicenter for everything creative. Perhaps their biggest export is their stunning cuisine. Hearty, filling, tasty and exquisite, Italian food is extremely desirable. When you seek the best Italian cuisine experience in Pattaya, La Costa by L’Italiano is currently making big waves for its quality.

La Costa sits in the picture-perfect location directly on Pattaya Beach Road Soi 12, next to Mike’s Shopping Mall, perfect for not only people watching, but also for sampling a special meal with the sea-views at Pattaya Beach just over the road.

Those of you who know the Pattaya dining scene will already realize that La Costa is the rebirth and rebrand of one of the best Italian restaurants to ever grace the city, L’Italiano, which was located on Walking Street and revered for its quality. La Costa is the new and evolved version of L’Italiano, so you already know the levels of excellence.

Top-Notch Italian Cuisine

La Costa is located on Pattaya Beach Road at the Empress Hotel on Soi 12, with an air-conditioned dining area and a beautiful terrace where you can sit, sample one of the restaurant’s sublime Italian coffees in the daytime or evening and enjoy the sea-views while absorbing the exciting hustle and bustle that is Pattaya Beach Road. This is the ultimate people-watching spot.

La Costa merges a stunning selection of classic Italian cuisine with a choice of modern dishes, alongside authentic Italian pizzas, stunning seafood dishes, classy pasta dishes from the four corners of Italy and even imported steaks and other Western favorites. Taste some of the best wines out of Italy to compliment your meal. Come along to sample their new and tasty seafood specials, cooked in either a Thai or Italian style, depending on your taste.

Not only is La Costa an aficionado for Italian cuisine but also for fine wines and imported Italian coffees, which are simply delicious. Come along to sample their amazing choice of over 100 wines from the best wine-making regions in the world such as France, Italy, Australia and many more. There is a wine to compliment every meal at La Costa. The restaurant’s owner is a true wine connoisseur, so please make sure you ask for his advice on wine pairings for your meal to get the best from this cool dining experience.

Whether you seek a tasty day-time meal or a stunning evening dining experience, the eatery is open from 11am to 11pm, but if there are still customers after 11pm, they will stay open until everyone served and happy. For the best selection of Italian Cuisine in Pattaya, La Costa by L’Italiano is the perfect choice.

La Costa by L’Italiano

Address info: Pattaya Beach Road Soi 12, located in the Empress Hotel, next to Mike’s Shopping Mall.

Phone: 081 723 8607

Facebook: LitalianoPattaya/





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