Food Wave Food Court @ Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya


food wave food court

Food courts are an integral part of the food scene in Thailand. You will find food courts in many of the local shopping malls, but one of the best in Pattaya is the Food Wave Food Court, located on the top floor of the Garden Plaza Mall, on Pattaya Beach Road.

The method of buying food at Food Wave is to be given a card on entry with 1,000 THB credit. You will see a vast choice of food kiosks and stalls selling all manner of noodle and rice dishes, Chinese and Indian food, pizzas, international dishes and much more. When you purchase food, the card is swiped and the prices are removed from your account.

If you are with a group of friends and are undecided on what to eat, visiting Food Wave simplifies your options because with so many cuisine types under one roof, everyone will be happy, and you can all still dine at the same table despite what food you choose.

Why visit Food Wave Food Court?

– Dozens of different cuisine styles under one roof
– Most popular food court in Pattaya
– East to find location on the top floor of the Royal Garden Plaza
– Cheap and easy food
– Easy access from Pattaya Beach Road


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  • priscilla mulwa

    Very unfriendly attendants. I took a taxi all the way to the place to eat there for the 3 days I was at Pattaya. Unfortunately on the 3rd day my baby requested for juice while we had already made our orders and sat. We requested the attendant who brought our order to bring us warm juice and he said OK. Left never to come back. Called other 3 different lady attendants passing by and they could just look at us with an attitude and leave. They even started discussing us at the desk with the lady there. We don’t understand their language but the fact that they were occasionally looking at us and laughing confirmed we were the subject matter. They cold attend to he other tables occupied by ” their people”. I wouldn’t want to imagine that we got that treatment from this restaurant because of our colour. I will never go back there and of course can’t recommend anyone to visit. However, there are still good people that really treated us well in the mall.