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Jomtien is home to some of the best restaurants in the Pattaya region and the highest concentration of quality eateries you will find across Thailand. One such eatery in Jomtien sits at the top of the food chain… literally! Cafe des Amis, located on a peaceful side street just off Thappraya Road in Jomtien, combines an elegant setting with award-winning cuisine and the most eclectic and vast choice of alcoholic beverages in the city.

When you seek that special dining experience that is unmatched in Pattaya, Cafe des Amis is in a league of its own. Ranked in the number-one position out of over 600 Pattaya restaurants on TripAdvisor, this fine-dining establishment is the people’s choice, which is the best award a restaurant can receive. Cafe des Amis was also awarded the ‘TripAdvisor Travelers Choice’ award, which out of 2.3 million restaurants is only handed to a few hundred worldwide.


Modern and elegant food

The restaurant primarily served French cuisine in its early days, but has since evolved its menu to offer classic dishes with a modern twist with the emphasis on utilizing the best quality ingredients from around the globe, served and presented with a touch of panache.

It’s all about the food and flavor profiles at Cafe des Amis. Although the presentation is beautiful and meticulous, the focus is on the taste. Sample a stunning array of main course dishes that include Lobster Thermidor, Fresh Tasmanian Mussels, Fresh Pacific Oysters, Salmon Wellington, Beef Wellington and many more.

This is the ONLY restaurant in city that offers authentic high-grade Japanese Wagyu Beef. The Cafe des Amis steaks can be traced back to the farms where the meats were sourced, the age of the meat, the grade and which cut. It’s like having a passport of your meat’s history.

If you want to order something that is not on the menu, the restaurant will do everything they can to ensure you get what you desire.

Drinks and Wine Lists

The restaurant is equally as focused on the drinks menu as it is on the food. If you are a fan of gin and think you have tried them all before, maybe you are wrong. There are now a total of 85 gins available at Cafe des Amis, coming from the four corners of the globe. The drinks menu is also home to 30 vodkas, 40 whiskeys, 14 Cognacs and 10 Tequilas.

The restaurant has recently stocked a selection of very reasonable quality French wines, available for affordable prices. Their wine list is one of the most stunning in the city, and known as the place you can experience some of the finest wines in the world. The only limitation is how much you are willing to spend.

Wine of the Month – Château Tour Caillet, Bordeaux, 2010

This month there are some very reasonable quality French wines available at the restaurant that offer great value, especially when considering the quality. Come along to try out the Wine of the Month, which is a classy Château Tour Caillet, Bordeaux, with prices at 1,500 THB per bottle or 290 THB per glass.

Gin of the Month – Citadelle Gin Reserve

As we have already established, if you are a gin lover, Cafe des Amis is a dreamlike establishment with so much choice. The restaurant’s Gin of the Month is the multi-award-winning Citadelle Gin Reserve, which received a gold medal and a Gin Masters 1st place in the UK in 2012. Citadelle Gin and Tonic is priced at 290 THB for a 4cl shot.

If you mention this article to the Cafe des Amis owner, Blu, when you visit the restaurant, you will be invited to sample one of the 85 gourmet gins or vodkas on the house, or even a cocktail. Blu will even inform you of the origins of your selected gin, so please mention your desired tipple and that you read this article.

Cafe des Amis is a special place to visit that merges the most stylish fine-dining cuisine in the city, a breathtaking selection of beverages and an elegant and intimate setting with friendly and knowledgeable staff in an unpretentious atmosphere. This restaurant could be in Paris or Milan, but it’s right here in Jomtien.

Cafe des Amis
391/6, Moo 10, End of Soi 11, Thap praya, Pattaya, Thailand 20260
Phone: 08402 64989 – 09077 29993
Website: www.


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