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There is no rarer commodity than a fisherman! In many respects, fishermen and golfers are similar in so many ways. The passion fishing-lovers have is really special, actively seeking the best places across the world to test their skills. If you are looking for one of the best sea-fishing experiences in the world, Siam Great Adventures in Jomtien provide some of the finest excursions in Thailand and the Pattaya region.

When you think about it, the Pattaya region is the perfect destination to merge a sun-kissed holiday with the best nightlife in SE-Asia combined with breathtaking fishing trips out in the Gulf of Thailand.

Siam Great Adventures is a fishing and boat tour company located in the heart of Jomtien, known for their excellent services and a high quality fleet of boats. The owner of the company, Jari, has been fishing in the Gulf of Thailand for over 20 years and knows all the best spots for fishing and snorkeling in the region.

For all the experienced fishermen out there, the Siam Great Adventures’ fishing methods are trolling, live bait, bottom fishing and speed jigging.

Day & Night Fishing Trips
Whether by night or day, Siam Great Adventures have the best fishing tours in the region. All day-time fishing and boat trips out in the Gulf begin from the world-class Ocean Marina Yacht Club, leaving the pier from 8am and returning back at 5pm, just in time for you to go back to the hotel, have a shower and then have a great night out in the city.

Siam Great Adventures Night-Fishing really is a fantastic experience for fishermen of all levels and abilities. A spot of night fishing for barracuda, grouper, snapper and Moray, alongside lots of other small fish, out in the shallows of Kang Aoun, makes for a memorable experience. You might also get the opportunity to catch the illusive King Mackeral.

Siam Great Adventures recently went out on their 4 days/3 nights gas tower field fishing excursion in the Gulf, 200km out from Pattaya, and had an amazing 3 night’s fishing where the party caught about 900kg of fish and approx. 350 pieces. It really was a great experience for all those concerned.

One of the newest fishing destinations in the region will be Burma Banks in Myanmar, so anybody who is interested in trying this exciting new spot, please contact Siam Great adventures directly. If you would you like to break a 100kg catch at Bung Sam Ran Lake near Bangkok, contact Siam Great Adventures directly as they can organize daytrips over there with a minimum of 3 anglers.

When you seek the best day and night fishing trips in the Pattaya region, make sure you contact Siam Great Adventures first!

Our Boats
Siam Great Adventures are the ultimate company for fishing and snorkeling trips in the Gulf of Thailand. Their 2 boats, the 26-foot Yamaha Yacht (for 3 people), which leaves from soi 14, and the Silverton 42-foot Yacht (for 8 people), which was imported from USA, are both available for boat and fishing tours and can be hired out for the day.

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  • Hi we are two friends visiting Pattaya from 28th August 2016 to 2nd September 2016.We are palling for fishing trip(day trip).Kindly let us know the details,on board food and snaks…etc and the fee for the trip per person.

    • aaron

      Thank you for your inquiry. I have contacted Siam Great Adventures on your behalf and they will be in contact soon.

    • aaron

      Day trip all include 18 000 baht. 8 hour trip max. 4 people. Softdrinks, snacks include.