3 things you must do on your first Thailand Holiday


I will try almost anything once, within reason! Sometimes you only get one chance to do something in life, and through my experience, it’s best you take that opportunity just in case you don’t get another chance. That’s what I always say! A holiday in Thailand might be your first and only visit, so there are a few things you need to try when you are here, just to say you did it!

#1 – Ride an elephant

This might be the obvious choice, but I am sure, especially if you are from Northern Europe, that you have never had an opportunity to ride the living hell out of an elephant… a Double Decker bus maybe, but not an elephant. In all Thailand’s major tourist beachside destinations, elephant trekking companies are aplenty. There is nothing more beautiful than making a connection with these phenomenal animals as you hang on as you trailblazer through some luscious jungle terrain.

#2 – Visit a Go-Go Bar

I know that this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when in Rome… At some point of your Thailand holiday, especially if you are in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, take the wife to a go-go dancing bar, she’ll thank you for the rest of your life… or divorce you! Only joking guys, but everyone should take a look at least once in their lives.

#3 – Eat Fried Locusts and Cockroaches

Again, this might not be the most appetizing of local delicacies, but in all honesty, they are no different from a bag of salted peanuts, well, in this part of the world anyway. No doubt that at some point of your holiday you will encounter a street vendor frying up a gut-wrenching selection of insects and grubs just for you to consume. Don’t worry, get stuck in there, they don’t taste that bad! And how do you know if you like them or not if you don’t try?


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